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tECH dAY 2019

Kiah Jones pictured right, Karen Robinson pictured left. K+K RESET Launch Day!

Yale university - campus tour 2019

Yale university - campus tour 2019

Yale university - campus tour 2019


Kiah a nd Karen with the Yale Men's Basketball Team 2019/2020

after presenting a Career Mapping and Maximizing Your Network training.

NAAAHR NJ Anniversary Party 2020

Yale university - campus tour 2019

Yale university - campus tour 2019


Karen and Kiah celebrated as Board Members for the National Association of African Americans in Human Resources.

About kiah


CEO & Co-Founder, Kiah Jones "Almost every one of my accomplishments that I consider great, required the  development of brand new skills. I have the ability to change, grow and adapt in the ways that best support organizations on the rise." 

What's so great about Kiah?

Kiah is a Business Partner, HR Executive, Business Development Leader and Recruiter with 20+ years of expertise in managing professional business relationships. Kiah spent 7 + years specializing in the strategic training and placement of HR professionals on a national basis before becoming the Chief Strategy Officer at a staffing start-up where  Kiah’s role was  crucial through its start-up phase and growth from 10M to 20M+.


  • Launched programs in the following areas securing a 93% voluntary retention rate: Health and Wellness, Employee Recognition and Peer Mentorship.
  • Selected by Randstad USA, the 2nd largest staffing firm in the world,  to lead a  national new hire training program, reducing turnover by 28%.
  • Accelerated social media presence by 175% over 3 years.
  • Managed Team Optimization for a Technology Division during growth period of 40%. 
  • Implemented company wide training programs on CRM's and ATS systems from implementation to troubleshooting.
  • Assisted in securing new accounts by preparing content, data and analytics for RFP’s. 
  • Facilitated partnerships with various non profit organizations in alignment with company values of accountability and integrity.

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About karen


CEO & Co-Founder,  Karen Robinson "Taking every opportunity to learn something new every day has been my driving force.  I believe that coaching and mentorship are the anchors in building a company's culture."

What's so great about Karen


As a Master Trainer for the global training  team, Karen participated in the implementation of a global training  initiative which was created by the global C-Suite. This initiative was taught nationally onsite as well as via WebEx to the US NA region. Karen trained the operations team on various national initiatives, most noteworthy is her Behavioral Style Interview Techniques training for the US NA region  managers and executive levels.

  • As a key member of the implementations team, Karen participated in client presentations and site analysis for the East Coast and Mid-Atlantic regions
  •  Karen led the recruiting initiatives for new business, top-bench talent pipelines, utilization of competitive analysis and organizational development for high-growth global firms
  •  Karen was key in job description development and competitive pricing for RFPs
  • Karen participated and held on business panels to drive Diversity initiatives
  • Karen built strong vendor relationships via community organizations such as non-profits, not-for-profit and military organizations
  • Karen has won several HR awards, most noteworthy are the ones for global training and a Stevie Award for HR Department of the Year
  • Karen has created many Dress Code policies as well as helped numerous business professionals develop their own personal style through her career style ventures
  • Karen has placed over 8,000 non-exempt employees and 500 executive management levels

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