Human Resources Management Consulting and Outsourced HR Services

Human Resources Management Consulting and Outsourced HR Services


Our Experience

After a combined history of 50+ years in the staffing and talent management industries focused on training and development, Kiah Jones and Karen Robinson joined forces to create K+K Reset, LLC, an HR Consulting and Outsourcing firm.  

As partners, our experience includes but is certainly not limited to growing start ups to maturity, generating cost savings through team optimization and retention programs, reducing risk and liability through training programs, and instituting initiatives to build and maintain culture within corporate structures.

Why Us?

Our goal is to RESET your mindset and help you build new initiatives that are both sustainable and compliant. We know you want to attract and retain the best talent while increasing revenue and growing your relevancy in the marketplace.  That's why the philosophy behind RESET is so important. The marketplace is constantly changing with new laws, new ways of thinking and new dynamics dictated by new demographics. We advise you to be mindful of the risks associated with resisting change  because we know that  transformation is key to lasting success and one way to achieve that is through a reset of HR management practices. RESET Culture. RESET Structure. RESET Your Path.

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